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Hawkes Bay Diving Equipment Servicing Specialists

Chris is a qualified service technician for most leading brands and DiveEast has an extensive range of rebuild kits and parts for most regulators and BCD’s. Simply give us a call or visit us in store to find out what we can do for you.

Regulator Maintenance Tips

To ensure that your regulator performs well between overhauls, follow these simple maintenance tips:
  • Replace the dust cap that fits over the 1st stage inlet as soon as you disconnect the regulator from the cylinder. Be careful it is dry before you attach it, or you could introduce water into the 1st stage.
  • Once the dust cap is in place rinse the regulator system in fresh water after each use. This helps remove salt crystals and other potential damaging substances. Let water run through the mouthpiece and exhaust tees but avoid depressing the purge button as this could allow water to travel up the hose into the 1st stage.
  • Store the regulator and BCD in a cool, dry place taking care not to coil hoses tightly and do not hang the regulator from the hoses as this places stress on the hoses.
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